Interview: Eastern European rapper $auce Blanc

Hello everyone, when we went to take behind the scenes photos of filming $auce Blanc’s new music video, i thought what’s the deal with him and i believe many of us have the same question. So, we sat down with him and asked couple of questions! Sit back, relax and enjoy the first ever interview with $auce Blanc!

First things first – who are you?

Ay yo what’s up my name is $auce Blanc and I’m an Eastern European rapper from Estonia.

Where are you from and where did your name come from?

I’m originally from Germany. I was born and raised up in the southern part of Germany where I lived for almost 9 years until our family dediced to move to Estonia. My mother is from Estonia and that’s pretty much how I ended up moving out here since she started missing her home country a lot. My parents said it was hard for me and my sister to adapt at first point but I’m not sure I’d remember much of it since it happened 15 years ago.

My artist name has a bit of a weird but funny story with multiple different meanings. After taking a look on the world map you can see that Germany & France are neighbours. I’ve always been a fan of French people, the country & the culture. That’s one reason why I chose the French word “Blanc” to be in my artist name which means “white” in english. My favorite clothes are mostly white – that’s why. I added “Sauce” to my name because I felt like I’ve always got a fresh style no matter where I go. So my artist name is pretty much influenced by the drip. A couple weeks after choosing my artist name I realized that the short version of my name “$B” also fits the extreme sport scene where most of my friends come from. At this point “$B” means Skateboard which is a part of the scene.

We see that you have dropped your music video couple days ago, the video is amazing man, how long did it take you to film it?

Yesssirski. We filmed this video within two days and I’d say it was a whole vibe. Catsoup aka Kassu Pàlen is the GOAT. I’ve never had a video this nice – which means I can’t wait to work with him again. My fella got mad skills with that filming part, editing & them transitions.
I’d also like to thank my brothers Marko, Yuki & Tix for the company that day. We got hella smoove pictures and behind the scenes clips.

When and how you came to a conclusion that you are gonna be a rapper? Who inspired you back then and who now?

Oh yes, this question is nuts. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Just a couple weeks ago I figured out that if I didn’t move to Estonia I would probably not be making music right now. I grew up listening to a lot of 80s & 90s songs because my parents loved this kind of music.
One of my long time friends from elementary school (s/o Karl-Henri Akimov) got me into rap music at first point as I moved to Estonia. This was the moment where I knew I’ll be blasting this type of music til I die. I was pretty much the person to always find some fresh new releases
that I used to send out to all my rap-music loving friends until this one moment where I didn’t really find anything new and decided to make a song by myself. I was always trying to freestyle over all kind of beats which inspired me to take it more seriously and actually make something
for the world to hear. 2017 was the year when I copped myself a Rode NT1-A microphone and recorded my first ever song “Foreign Exploring”. Back then I mainly used to listen to a lot of Famous Dex, Rich The Kid, Young Dolph, Key Glock, 2Chainz, Gucci Mane & Oliver Francis. These artists inspired me a lot these past years but nowadays I’ve been just listening to a lot of different music such as Indie, RnB, Jazz & Rock’n’Roll. It’s weird to think that you could get inspired by a Rock’n’Roll jam while writing your rap song, but nothing is impossible.

Would you rather get stoned or get drunk?

I’d get stoned 100%. Getting drunk has got me into more trouble than smoking ever will. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up – INHALE & EXHALE! These fellas should legalize it already.. Our whole country could be fixed up within a couple weeks from that profit they could make.

What kind of music do you listen on a daily basis?

On a daily basis I listen to a lot of rap, RnB, jazz, rock’n’roll & indie music. Since I’m a rapper myself I’d still choose rap music over everything else as my favorite genre. Right now at this point I’ve been listening to a lot of JayDaYoungan, Rizzoo Rizzoo & Comethazine. I think these 3 names are currently my most played artists. I’d also suggest people to listen to Dee Watkins, Yungen Ace, Polo G and Don Toliver.

What is your dream?

Well this one is kind of hard to tell.. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and honestly deep down I’d be satisfied enough with my life if I could earn my living from just music. Also it’d be a goal if me and my squad wouldn’t have to worry about a thing and that everything
works out the way we plan it. Me and my bruddas gotta eat. Lot they don’t know I’d do everything to get myself a Range Rover Sport or an AMG C63 Mercedes. Since I love cars I’d say it’s a good thing to dream about + I’ve always had this dream to own a top floor flat in the
city centre of Tallinn with a huge terracce. But I’d say that’s enough for dreaming – gotta go and make shit happen!

How do you feel yourself making english music in Estonia?

I’ve recieved a lot of hate because of my “accent”. There’s a lot of people who have straight up told me to stop rapping because my so to say “accent” is terrible. I ain’t telling no names but these people already now I’ll never show them any support, especially this one guy who I was looking up to. Well I told ’em to shut the f*ck up and mind their own business because I ain’t talking with no hating ass boi. I had a little beef going on with one Estonian rapper who shortly after the beef tweeted: “If you’re Estonian and you rap in English then you should stop right away”.. Well I was more than sure that this was pointed at me, but I couldn’t really be offended that much because he stole a whole song from Famous Dex. It’s a problem out here with a lot of Estonian artists – they’re just not able to be creative themselves and then it’s easier for them to steal ideas or re-make something word by word. I’ve also noticed that some artists out here get mad quick if my fanbase is growing day by day but they’re stuck at the same point for weeks or months. That’s the moment
when they start to talk shit about you because they’re jealous. To be honest I don’t care about that at all because this ain’t no damn competition – I just love to make music & share it with the world.

That’s the attidude! But what do you think about Estonian rap scene overall?

Estonian rap scene is evolving day by day and it’s very good to see. Yet there’s too many people trying to sound-a-like. Seems like everyone is trying to copy or ride the wave of the most popular Estonian rapper Nublu. Well that’s not bad at all since some artists actually find their own style while experimenting like that. If I had to choose my favorite Estonian rapper I’d go with Utoopia. A lot of people haven’t heard about him because his style is pretty much old-school rap – but I have to say that all these people definitely need to wake up and check him out. His flows are hella smooth and his lyrical skills impress every person who has seen him rapping. I’d also suggest to keep an eye open for artists like Lepaste, YUKI & Ckeletov – everyone got their own kind of amazing style & creativity. I’ll not tell any names but there’s two of my least favorite rappers. Those who know, they know!

How does $auce Kreator Blanc write music?

I write all my lyrics down on a piece of paper. My friends “Küberünnak & Karmo” were wondering that someone still writes down lyrics the old styled way til this day. I actually never knew that the majority of artists do that on their PC or on a smartphone. For me it’s much more comfortable to use the old-school way while writing lyrics. If I had a nice verse written on my phone and I’d lose my phone or delete the file by accident then I’d be hella pissed. The atmosphere & my surrounding should also be on point when I write my songs. I get inspired a lot when I take my JBL speaker and a piece of paper with me to the seaside. It’s so relaxing and soothing – mostly I get some hella nice lyrics written with a vibe like this.

What is your usual daily routine?

My usual daily routine looks something like this – I wake up in the morning, make myself a coffee and put on a random beat that I just freestyle to. Doing this helps me to progress flow wise and also on the lyrical side. Since I’m currently working at Bolt then I do a lot of taxi driving as well
to earn that peso for rent, food, studio time & everything else that’s connected with music. I’ve learned that it’s important to invest in yourself. Other than that I just try to stay as active as possible all day long to not overthink situations. Also a bit of riding at the skatepark is always
a way to free my mind.

What’s your favorite food? Do u usually cook yourself or order food?

My favorite food is some sort of chicken/mushroom pasta. I’ve pretty much got an addiction to order food since Bolt Food started their service but recently I’ve been trying to take my time and cook by myself. It’s actually hella much fun & you can be the one who chooses the way it tastes. I’d
like to give an huge shoutout to 818 Street Food, Viljandi Burger & Viru Burger where the handmade burgers are just so delicious.

Are you working on something new right now?

I’m currently working on a track called “Traumatized” which is produced by the one and only homie who got me into rap music at the first point. This one is going to be one of the nicest tracks I’ve ever made. It’s inspired a lot by Polo G. Other than that I’m also working on a feature with one of my long time friends K Drip. Our collab track is going to be called “Block Is Hot”. Those two are the main projects i’m working on right now but I have a lot more coming up in just a matter of time.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well I’ve always set goals for myself but those are mostly just for a week/month/year. I’m not quite sure about 5 years time but I know that I’ll never quit making music and I’m really trying to put all my heart in it to progress even further. The key is to believe in yourself. I guess within that amount of time I’ll have a lot more listeners and my fanbase will potentially be much bigger. Deep down I wish that I’d have the chance to perform in USA and make a lot of connections over there since the majority of the people who inspire me live over there.

Where was your first live performance and how was it?

My very first live performance was at a random school party where my bro managed to get me half an hour to perform. There was no stage or any proffesional gear but I can’t blame since it was the first time I ever performed in my life. The people wasn’t quite feeling it at this point since they were all drunk and waited for some club music to come up again. I’d say this is like a classic estonian school party. A lot has changed with time – I guess if I’d perfom now at any similar party the vibe would be much better since rap music has recently been taking off in Estonia. The most important thing I learned was self confidence & patience. I was quite scared to perform for the very first time but it has gotten much better with every live performance after that.

What would you say to young artists who are making music or some other form of art and are struggling with creating?

I’d suggest all the artists to keep a clean vision. It’s always easier to get something done without overthinking too much. Your surrounding should be as good as possible and the atmosphere should be nice too. Don’t let any toxic people into your life who only want to teach you how you have to do something. Do it your way. Because your way is probably something the world hasn’t seen yet. Don’t be scared to release something you ain’t satisfied with 100%. If you don’t like it yourself then other people might still vibe with it. Be confident, have patience and most important: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

What is your favorite clothing brand?

If I’d have to choose my favorite clothing brand it would probably be Adidas since I’m a big fan of all the vintage jackets and tracksuits. Other than that I love to support my friends clothing brands such as: Stoned Street, Wavygrace & Mandem. Almost forgot to mention Vans – they make the most comfortable shoes. By the way if you’re trying to get a nice vintage Adidas tracktop or a NFL Jersey you should head over to my second IG account @sauceyvintage! Got a whole
lotta cool stuff posted on there and I’m always adding something fresh every now and then.

Would u like to give a shoutout to someone?

Biggest shoutout goes out to the Stoned Street boys who made it possible for me to have my first ever interview published. I’d swell like to give a huge shoutout to Catsoup, Mandem Family & Wavygrace. Also can’t forget to mention my lil bro Kert Salve who knows the lyrics to almost every single song I’ve released. Big shoutout to everyone who has listened to my music, shared my music & has given me all the positive feedback. I wouldn’t be at the place I’m right now without all my fans. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the time $auce Blanc. Be sure to follow him on everywhere and if you haven’t seen his latest music video – check this out!!!!





Photos taken by Marko Tomik.
Questions by Marko Tomik and Sven Lepasaar.
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BMX meets MX #SAKUEHKK 2020

Hey, our BMX riders Ragner and Miika went to motocross competition in Estonia, Saku for the first time and Talis Viirpalu just was kind enough and came to film it. It was spontaneous idea to make a video which came out as a vlog. So here is our first #motovlog , hope you guys like it and give some feedback so we know what to do next time differently.

Stoned Street riders Ragner Trepp, Andero Oksaar, Miika Pantsar, Adi Moormaa.

Filmed by Talis Viirpalu , Edited by Ragner Trepp.

Andreas Taru ‘Wins & Losses’ x DIG LOCALS

This dude called Andreas Taru is beast! He don´t need nomore introduce. Last time we made a interview with him and asked who is his favorite rider? He said Dillon lloyd & Gabe Brooks and that can be seen on his new street video. High hops and big drops and everything technical between that. Watch it now!

Filmed by Martti Lainevool, Karel Kaldasaun, Robin Oja, Reio Maajärv and Kristian Tugedam

BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTO GALLERY: $auce Blanc – Run It Up (Official Music Video)

Estonian rapper $auce Blanc just released a music video for his song “Run It Up”. Music video was filmed and directed by Kassu Palén (@lilcatsoup). Additional filming was done by Marko Tomik (@dhrstyy). Song is produced by Rajastebeats.

Our photographer went out with $auce Kreator Blanc to take some behind the scenes photos of him filming his new music video. The video was filmed in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s $auce’s fourth official music video. Check the other videos on his youtube channel.

Enjoy the photos and the music video! Be sure to check back on our site next week for his interview!





Article written by Marko Tomik. 
Photos taken by Marko Tomik.
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Chris Patrick Tilk made a video of our Tallinn Gathering 2020 jam and it’s now available on DIGBMX youtube channel worldwide. Click here if you haven’t already seen our Tallinn Gathering 2020 photo gallery. Huge shoutout to Chris Patrick for making this awesome edit of our jam.

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Last saturday, on 29.08.2020 took place Stoned Street BMX jam in Tallinn. It was called Tallinn Gathering 2020. Over 60 BMX riders came together all over Estonia to kill some spots in our capital city. Event sponsors were Stoned Street, Simple Session, Kunstform BMX shop, Skullcandy and Etnies. Event filmer was Chris Patrick Tilk and video of the jam will be available on our site soon! Best rider of the jam got the chance to compete at Simple Session 2021.

Meeting time for the jam was 1PM at Koidu Skatepark. Riders slowly gathered and started to warm up by doing some jibbers in the concrete plaza. After approximately one hour we started to move to our first spot which was Sony Center building. It was near the Koidu Skatepark so we didn’t need to ride far. At there we saw some bangers from Martti Lainevool, Kert Salve and many others. Next spot was near the Kosmos Cinema where the riders could show us their technical skills on a ledge. After that we went to the ledge at Hariduse street. At there guys showed their rail riding skills. Next quick stop was a little bit forward where Andres Lainevool and Tauno Krüüts did a quick wallride shenanigan. When the wall was ridden we moved to the ledge in front of Marie Under sculpture in Tõnismägi. Guys chilled quite some time there and showed their ledge combos. Simon Lopp even fell into the small fountain and later rode without the shoes. That’s determination! When we were done at the fountain spot we went in front of The Noblessner Foundry, where we assembled our flat rail and riders played Game Of Bike with teams. One team had 3 riders and winners got shoes from Etnies. The game was full of bangers and the winners were Tauno Krüüts, Robin Poksi and Martti Lainevool. The best rider of the jam, who killed it in every spot was Rene Perzinski, who got the pass to ride in Simple Session 2021.

Congratulations to all the winners and huge shoutout to everybody who came and rode with us the whole day. Thank you Chris Patrick Tilk for filming the whole event and also huge thank you to our sponsors! Be sure to check back on our site to see the video of the jam.

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Article written by Marko Tomik.
Photos taken by Marko Tomik.

Gallery: Fopaa! – Estonian stand-up comedy show

On the last day of July we went to the Odeon bar in Tallinn, which is located in the industrial area called Kopli. In this bar took place the legendary open-mic show where 8 stand-up comics showed their ability to make us laugh. This show is called Fopaa! These 8 comics were Kristjan Oden, Kaarel Nõmmik, Mattias Naan, Gunnar Hunt, Märt Niidassoo, Semjon Alonov, Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa and Andrus Purde with one surprise performer Tigran Gevorkjan. Ticket to this show was 5 euros and it was totally worth it! Comics were funny and people laughed.


Fopaa! is an Estonian stand-up comedy show which saw it’s daylight on the 28.november of 2013 in the Kohvik Sinilind. On that day Mikk Sügis, Mikael Meema, Mattias Naan, Karl-Joonatan Mets, Karl-Alari Varma, Kaarel Nõmmik joked about life, death, success, failures, relationships, grandparents, animals, sex, fears, television, weather, partying and so on. The house was so full that some people even had to stay behind the door and listen from there. They even have had shows in Brussels, Luxembourg and Dublin. Almost every show they did has been sold out. Fopaa! was a success from day one.

Next a little bit more private Fopaa! is happening on 6.august at Heldeke. There is available only 30 tickets and ticket price is 10 euros. Next Fopaa! at Odeon bar, which is also last one this summer, is happening in 13.august. In there you can laugh at Taniel Kasemägi, Mattias Naan, Semjon Alonov, Petra Tänav, Kristjan Oden, Märt Niidassoo, Aleksander-Eeri Laupmaa and Gunnar Hunt. Show starts at 8PM and ticket fee is 5 euros. If you are in Tallinn at that time i recommend to go and have a nice entertaining evening at Odeon bar.

Article written by Marko Tomik.
Photos taken by Marko Tomik.

Throwback to Martti Lainevool “Waveflow” Documentary

Martti Lainevool is 20 year old BMX rider from Estonia, who rides for Vans, Stoned Street, ParBMX, Sweets Kendamas, Elinaart TATTOO & CBD Kanep. On 24.june he and Chris Patrick Tilk released a documentary called “Waveflow” on DIG BMX channel on youtube. Documentary talks about Martti’s daily life, outlooks on many things and about his future plans. You can also see Martti ride his bike. So if you still haven’t seen “Waveflow” documentary, you have to check it out because it came out really really good!

Go give Chris Patrick Tilk a follow on instagram cause he is a wizard behind the lens! And also follow Martti and our instagram.

Article written by Marko Tomik.



Kopli Session 2020 was the hottest BMX event in this summer that took place on Sunday 26.July 2020. There was 39 BMX riders from all over Estonia, including Stoned Street riders Martti Lainevool, Tauno Krüüts, Sven Lepasaar, Kert Salve, Ragner Trepp and many more. One of the youngest competitor was 12 years old! It’s so good to see that so many people ride BMX in Estonia! Competition was between junior(0-17years old) riders and senior(17+year old) riders. There was also a highest bunnyhop 180 challenge and the best trick challenge. Contest commentator was Karel Kaldasaun who hyped everyone up all the time! You did great work man! Judges were Erik Pirn, Kristo Juhkental and Karl Henri who evaluated riders general style, smoothness of the run, use of the park, versatility, originality, number of tricks and difficulty of tricks.
Event sponsors were Estrella Wakepark, Ronimisministeerium, Simple Session, Spot of Tallinn, Värska Originaal, Stoned Street, Sportland Eesti, Vitamin Well Eesti, Barebells Eesti ja Kunstform BMX Shop. First place of the seniors is going to the Simple Session 2021!

The day started with BMX workshops. After that juniors started to warm up and compete. First place of the juniors category went to our youngest and newest team member Kert Salve. Siim Savik took the second place and third place went to Christer Kukk! Fourth place went to Aleksei Frolov, fifth place to Karl Toom and sixth place to Kennet Pajuväli.

When juniors had their time it was seniors turn to warm up and compete. The competition was insane. The hype was real. So many good riders riding together, having good time and showing their best moves. First place of the seniors went to our own amazing Martti Lainevool! Second place went to Talis Viirpalu who flew really high and pushed himself with the 180 tailwhip over the flybox. Chris Patrick Tilk, local rider from Pärnu, the guy who filmed documentary with Martti, took the third place! Fourth place went to Kert Avarsalu, fifth place to Joosep Nilk and sixth place went to Kristen Põder! Because Martti is already riding in Simple Session 2021, Talis Viirpalu got the pass to one of the biggest extreme sport event of the world to compete there with the best BMX riders! Good luck Talis!

Highest 180bunnyhop challenge was won by Robin Poksi, who jumped 145cm high! Best female rider and the craziest crash award went to Liis Lokk. Huge shoutout to you Liis for this!

Congratulation to all the winners and big shoutout to William Kass, who made it all happen! Thank you!

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kert salve – welcome to the stoned street family!

Now is the time to introduce our newest and youngest team member Kert Salve! Kert is 16-years old young ripper from Tartu, Estonia. He started his extreme sport journey with riding scooter but found his track to the BMX world through his friends! Kert has learned so many tricks in so little time and has a really bright future ahead! Welcome to the Stoned Street family Kert Salve!

I asked couple questions from Kert so you could get an idea who he is.

1.How did you discover BMX and how long have you been riding?
Kert: I discovered bmx from my friends and tried to ride with their bikes. Over time i started to enjoy riding bmx and got myself a bike. I have been riding for 13months, started when i was 15y/o.

2.What is your favorite skatepark in Estonia?
Kert: My favorite skatepark is fosho my hometown skatepark in Tartu! But there is so many amazing skateparks in Estonia and i can’t even name them all.

3.Best 3 songs to ride with?
Kert: Ag Club – Memphis,
2Chainz, Drake, Quavo – Bigger than you,
Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, Bones, Eddie Baker – Chaos castle

4.Top 5 riders ever?
Kert: Lewis Mills, Johnny Raekes, Matt Ray, Nathan Williams, Jacob Cable.

5.Where do you see yourself in five years?
Kert: I don’t even know, i would like to ride in Simple Session for sure.

Kert Salve before his final run in Kopli Session 2020

Thank you Kert for this quick interview. Now you kinda know who Kert is, but if you want to know more about him and see him ride, go follow his instagram by clicking here! You won’t regret this!

Now look at some pictures from Kopli Session 2020!

Article written by Marko Tomik.
Photos taken and edited by Marko Tomik.
If you need some pictures in color you can write me to instagram.