Throwback to Martti Lainevool “Waveflow” Documentary

Martti Lainevool is 20 year old BMX rider from Estonia, who rides for Vans, Stoned Street, ParBMX, Sweets Kendamas, Elinaart TATTOO & CBD Kanep. On 24.june he and Chris Patrick Tilk released a documentary called “Waveflow” on DIG BMX channel on youtube. Documentary talks about Martti’s daily life, outlooks on many things and about his future plans. You can also see Martti ride his bike. So if you still haven’t seen “Waveflow” documentary, you have to check it out because it came out really really good!

Go give Chris Patrick Tilk a follow on instagram cause he is a wizard behind the lens! And also follow Martti and our instagram.

Article written by Marko Tomik.

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