Hey everybody!

As you know the CREW is from ESTONIA/FINLAND and here is winter time right now. So we moved to indoors. “Stoned Street – Moved Underground” name came from indoor called “Kontula Skatepark”. It’s about 50-100m down stairs in the cave. So everytime you go to ride its like moving from reality to underground.

We had a lots of fun trips when making it. In Helsinki area isnt that much rideable skateparks so we went Estonia and also visited Tampere, Finland.

On these trips Karel and Henri started more often to join us and so they become to us like a family. We want to Welcome these yung guns in our crew. I promise you will see big things come up in future from them!

I wont hold you anymore with my writing, so go watch the video and share it with your friends! Keep on riding, bros! #stonedstreet #bmx

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