We know it was a long time ago when we first went to Barcelona with our crew.

But today is the day we want you to see the video and get a little backstory of it & why the video’s name is “HFCYB” = “HOW FUCKED CAN YOU BE”.

Where to start, hmm… First things first, we gathered together in Finland and chilled a couple of days in Helsinki before our flight. For the most of us, it was a first real catch up with the boys, get to know each others and so on.

Flight went in the morning so we arrived 7AM in Barcelona and the hustle to find our AirBNB began.

Building up our bikes

I, as a team manager, fucked up with our apartment. I accidently booked our apartment out of Barcelona on some LA Ramble mountains. Sorry for this, haha. So it was quite a challenge to get there in first time with all the bike bags with us. We didn’t want to order a taxi either, because of a low budget we had.

Coffee break

So it became clear to us that we have to take one hour train trip to La Ramble and then hike up to some mountains.

Martti wasn’t too happy about the train trips, like most of us.
Up in the mountains, down there you can see La Ramble

But anyway, for all the guys, it was first time experience to ride out there. So we were super stoked to get there and the apartment was really cozy with a small pool and everything. Too bad that our last train left 00AM from Barcelona to La Ramble, but we found something to ride every night at our local village. Days were long, train trip to Barcelona at noon, back from the city 3-4 am in the morning. Whole day pedaling around and filming.

Our balcony
Hillbombing this every morning was tight.

To blast down this road was fun but riding without brakes, our shoes weren’t too stoked on it haha. This hill was huge and every night, we had to climb up it and it took us at least 1- 1,5h to get back home. You can see some hillbombs in our video also.

We were stupid enough and hungry for a ride that we didn’t take any day off riding. And this was a big mistake. Bodies were sore, bikes were breaking down. We wanted in first of point to save all the footy for the DVD, but later, when we looked them clips, the boys weren’t happy enough on the clips and decided to not use them in DVD. Lesson learned. Next time we’re taking a 10 day trip at least and 2-3 days off for chill.

Back when our bikes broke down. So Joona’s handlebar got bent, Martti’s back wheel was done with, Henri chain was into two pieces. And all that happened in one day, haha. We then went to visit 360BS shop, and of course, it was on the other side of Barcelona, so half a day went right there.

Bike problems got fixed with great help from 360BS bikeshop.

So we got our bikes fixed and filming session started again. Barcelona has so many spots that we we’re little bit messed up with decisions what to ride. But at least we saw all the ”famous” spots and even rode few of them also. Too bad that there was some kind of a sieast party down at the beach big wawes and we couldn’t ride it at all. But we are already planning a trip to go back in 2020, right after Simple Session.

These sunny mornings

HAHAHA, this one was got us in giggles, we we’re filming with Martti in a spot and the workers we’re painting walls and all the paint dripped down on a car. Dude even tried to clean it all up but messed up even more.

We loved Supermercats
And the hype was strong
Man model of the year
Bars between filming

This was our first longest trip togheter as a crew and it was just fire. Much more to come, life is good! PS! Smoked way too much, haha. I hope you like this backstory.

I also asked all the team riders to describe their experience in Barcelona with the whole crew and here’s what the guys said:

MARTTI: YOOO, Barcelona was sick. It was my first time there and I’ve always dreamed of visiting it. It was such a good time with the whole crew and loved every second of it. The palm trees, warm weather, insane spots and almighty devil’s lettuce… Haha, all around just good vibes. Can’t wait for an another trip with the boys!

Raner: Really good time with all the buds and lots of great ideas for the future.

Joona: Barcelona trip with Stoned Street crew was definitely one of the best riding experiences so far for me. It has always been dream of mine to go ride and film in there with good people. Too much stuff to ride for short period of time and we didn’t get to ride every spot we wanted so definitely must go back! Can’t wait!

Ragner: For me it was a great experience as a team manager. First big trip for the crew. Its my 2nd trip to Barcelona and I’m still not getting enough of this city atmosphere, not speaking about spots, wow. Definitely going soon back, although we are already organizing the next trip. Trying not to do same mistake like last time, haha, these long train trips up some hills, lol. Sorry for that.

Henri: Its hard to tell what I loved most about the trip because the whole trip was just lit. But if I have to point out something I would say that the spots what Barcelona have to offer and the vibes while cruising around the city. A negative side I would say the location of accommodation but even with long distance it was easy with this crew.

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