Ugh, where should we begin.. First of all, 2018 has been a blast for Stoned Street. Street jams, a lot of competitions, team trips and the list goes on and on.. Let’s start from the beginning of the year, one of the biggest BMX competitions, SIMPLE SESSION 2018. Many of our riders including Ragner Trepp, Tauno Krüüts, Martti Lainevool & Joona Peijari got an invitation to ride and oh they killed it. Joona qualified in 16th place and Martti 21st, which is amazing, well done guys. Martti got hooked up by ParBMX shop right before Simple Session, so they got Martti’s runs on tape.

Also here’s Ragner’s second run, he’s no stranger to style and technical tricks.


Since the weather here in the baltics is cold and snowy, we have to ride most of the year in indoor parks. While we we’re filming for a little mixtape, our good homies Karel Kaldasaun and Henri Laiho were added to the team list. We couldn’t be more stoked to have these original riding style guys in our team. Anyways, the video came out great and everybody killed it. It even has some clips of the local legend Timmo Haapalainen in it, so it’s definitely worth a watch!


thtIn Estonia, our good friends Rasmus Paimre and OnWheels were grinding to get a new indoor park in the summer capital, Pärnu. After a long-lasting process, Pärnu finally has a indoor skatepark! Since all the boys hadn’t ridden together, Ragner came up with an idea to take a trip out there so all the boys could meet up finally and do what they love the most, ride their bikes. It was such a good time, the boys got along super well and it was a treat to witness it. We didn’t have a lot of time to ride, but we still managed to put a little edit together of everyone just shredding the park!


First team trip to the heaven for BMX riders. Barcelona, Spain. This place doesn’t need a lot of introduction since most of the people who ride BMX know everything about it already. Ragner, Martti, Joona, Raner & Henri packed their bags and went from Helsinki’s airport straight to El-Prat airport in BCN and put their bikes together and enjoyed the weather and all the spots that amazing Barcelona had to offer. I would say this trip was more of a ”just looking around and enjoying the environment” trip than a heavy riding trip. Nonetheless, we had a super good time and we filmed a bunch still, but nothing too crazy. More info about it real soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these pictures from our trip.


Our main goal with Stoned Street is to get more people out there to ride, motivate young kids to get on a bike instead of playing video games in their rooms all day, have street jams, where a lot of people, younger riders and OG’s come out and just have the time of their lives. That’s exactly what went down at Helsinki street jam. SO many people came out to the jam and we were super stoked about it. At the end of the day, all of us came to the conclusion, that Tauno Krüüts from Estonia killed it the most and won the ”Best rider of the day” title, second place went to the local guy Matias Aura and third place went out to Russian rider Dimitri. We we’re really worried for a second that we might have to cancel the jam, but thankfully in the last minute we got really lucky and Skullcandy Finland, VANS / House Of Marsten & SignatureBMX helped us out big time. Super stoked that so many people came out, I think there was around 70-100 people at the jam, thanks to everybody who came out and see you next time.

Huge shoutout to Sari Soininen for all the pictures.


Since there hasn’t been a street jam in Tallinn for over 10 years, we thought it would be a good idea to make it happen. In a couple of weeks, we managed to get hooked up once again by Skullcandy, House Of Marsten / VANS, SignatureBMX and also BSDFOREVER. Huge shoutout to them for always supporting BMX. Throughout the day, many spots we’re visited and we had nothing but good times with all the riders who came out. Here’s what went down.

Time flew past so fast and soon enough the day ended, so we had to choose who killed it the most that day. Rene Perzinski from Paide was just murdering every spot so it was the only logical decision to crown him as the winner of the best rider of the day award. Second place went to a Latvian powerhouse, LIL Marek Kuhalskis, who has the most technical moves in the bag. Third place went to our own Martti Lainevool, there was not one spot where Martti didn’t put his wheels on and he shredded the whole time.

Ghetto Games 2018

Don’t know where to begin with this chapter. Ghetto Games 2018.. The best BMX contest ever organized. The vibe, the beautiful city of Ventspils, the crowd and ofcourse the afterparties. This time we went with Andres Lainevool, Martti & Ragner’s family. It was such a great time, the whole place had an unbelievable energy and everyone who came out there had nothing bad to say, everyone enjoyed their stay out there in beautiful Latvia. Unfortunately, we didn’t film a lot and couldn’t put a video out, but here’s Martti’s last trick in the finals, GOOD VIBES all around.


After the crazy weekend in Ventspils, there was Simple Summer Session the next weekend. Nothing much really happened in Riga except we had a lot of fun. Martti rode in the competition but he crashed in the practice and got a light concussion so he couldn’t ride to his full potential. Still got to hang out with all the homies overseas and just relax for a bit. Here’s Martti’s switch whip from the qualifications.


Joona has been in the team since the beginning of Stoned Street but now he officially put out a welcome video. If you know Joona and are familiar with his riding, then you know this video is bonkers. From crazy big stairs he 360’s like it’s nothing to the most technical combos known to man. You will definitely hear more about this guy in 2019, but in the meantime, check out this crazy web edit!


To top it all off, we decided that we should throw one last jam this year. We talked with RABA5 if they would be down and they we’re stoked about the idea. OnWheels, RABA5, VANS / House Of Marsten & Pärnu Keskus made it all possible and soon enough the skatepark was filled with mustache wearing men. Everybody had a great time and a lot of people showed up. Here’s a video from the jam, a lot of crazy maneuvers and laughs.


2019 IS GONNA BE EVEN CRAZIER AND MORE ACTION PACKED THAN 2018 WAS. We have so much planned already, from team trips to clothing line expansion, from stickers to street jams and so on.. Not gonna get really in depth with what’s gonna come, we will let our actions speak for ourselves. Happy holidays and happy new year from the Stoned Street family!

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