Simple session 2019

We have some great news to start off 2019! This past weekend has been crazy, the boys all killed it as you saw on our INSTAGRAM Also, at the SUPERPARK VANTAA, ”Road to Simple Session” went down and as expected, our guy Joona Peijari killed it and took first place on STREET. Bossman Ragner also demolished the course but sadly crashed badly on his final run and got a well-deserved 4th place. This year is gonna be huge for STONED STREET, Simple Session list is stacked with our riders, including Joona Peijari, Martti Lainevool & Tauno Krüüts & also our good buddy, the OG Ablaye Ndiaye rode himself into the list to Simple Session at SUPERPARK. We can only wait and see what kind of madness is gonna go down, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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