Oulu Trip


last August 2018 we started talking with boys about Oulu skatepark. Never been there and only heard good about it. So in September me and Niko headed to Jyväskylä, where we catched up with Joona and Toni. Joona and Toni came from Tampere and we came from Helsinki. Locals were kind enough to show us street spots and skateparks. So we decided to be there over night. It was so dark outside and we thought that this is cool place near lake and set up our camping. On friday morning we woke up and there was some school gym class doing their exercise with teacher, haha, fun times.

We ate and continued our journy to Oulu. On the road we found another nice lake and we went for swimming. As you know Finland have over 180 000 lakes.

When we arrived to Oulu, first check out skatepark, i did not belive, this huge, about 4000 m² skatepark exist so far away from capital city. 600km+, like what? But anyway boys were hungry to ride and on first day we didn’t film that much. On some time local Miika Pantsar and his girlfriend joined and they showed us more about Oulu. Ou and i remember how cold it was. We didn’t find any proper place to stay that night, so we just hung our hammocks somewhere on trees. No fireplace. Huh that was cold night.

Next day was super sunny. We ate, washed on local swimming pool and headed back to skatepark, like hippies. We spent whole day filming and actually got some good footy for you. 3rd night was lil bit easier, we found pretty fast a place to stay and everything was chill.

I’m sure, that there will be another roadtrip on 2019. This was only good times, laughing and rock’n’roll! Anyway take a look of that trip video and we really hope you like it! Enjoy!

Thanks for your time!

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