Kopli Session 2020 was the hottest BMX event in this summer that took place on Sunday 26.July 2020. There was 39 BMX riders from all over Estonia, including Stoned Street riders Martti Lainevool, Tauno Krüüts, Sven Lepasaar, Kert Salve, Ragner Trepp and many more. One of the youngest competitor was 12 years old! It’s so good to see that so many people ride BMX in Estonia! Competition was between junior(0-17years old) riders and senior(17+year old) riders. There was also a highest bunnyhop 180 challenge and the best trick challenge. Contest commentator was Karel Kaldasaun who hyped everyone up all the time! You did great work man! Judges were Erik Pirn, Kristo Juhkental and Karl Henri who evaluated riders general style, smoothness of the run, use of the park, versatility, originality, number of tricks and difficulty of tricks.
Event sponsors were Estrella Wakepark, Ronimisministeerium, Simple Session, Spot of Tallinn, Värska Originaal, Stoned Street, Sportland Eesti, Vitamin Well Eesti, Barebells Eesti ja Kunstform BMX Shop. First place of the seniors is going to the Simple Session 2021!

The day started with BMX workshops. After that juniors started to warm up and compete. First place of the juniors category went to our youngest and newest team member Kert Salve. Siim Savik took the second place and third place went to Christer Kukk! Fourth place went to Aleksei Frolov, fifth place to Karl Toom and sixth place to Kennet Pajuväli.

When juniors had their time it was seniors turn to warm up and compete. The competition was insane. The hype was real. So many good riders riding together, having good time and showing their best moves. First place of the seniors went to our own amazing Martti Lainevool! Second place went to Talis Viirpalu who flew really high and pushed himself with the 180 tailwhip over the flybox. Chris Patrick Tilk, local rider from Pärnu, the guy who filmed documentary with Martti, took the third place! Fourth place went to Kert Avarsalu, fifth place to Joosep Nilk and sixth place went to Kristen Põder! Because Martti is already riding in Simple Session 2021, Talis Viirpalu got the pass to one of the biggest extreme sport event of the world to compete there with the best BMX riders! Good luck Talis!

Highest 180bunnyhop challenge was won by Robin Poksi, who jumped 145cm high! Best female rider and the craziest crash award went to Liis Lokk. Huge shoutout to you Liis for this!

Congratulation to all the winners and big shoutout to William Kass, who made it all happen! Thank you!

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kert salve – welcome to the stoned street family!

Now is the time to introduce our newest and youngest team member Kert Salve! Kert is 16-years old young ripper from Tartu, Estonia. He started his extreme sport journey with riding scooter but found his track to the BMX world through his friends! Kert has learned so many tricks in so little time and has a really bright future ahead! Welcome to the Stoned Street family Kert Salve!

I asked couple questions from Kert so you could get an idea who he is.

1.How did you discover BMX and how long have you been riding?
Kert: I discovered bmx from my friends and tried to ride with their bikes. Over time i started to enjoy riding bmx and got myself a bike. I have been riding for 13months, started when i was 15y/o.

2.What is your favorite skatepark in Estonia?
Kert: My favorite skatepark is fosho my hometown skatepark in Tartu! But there is so many amazing skateparks in Estonia and i can’t even name them all.

3.Best 3 songs to ride with?
Kert: Ag Club – Memphis,
2Chainz, Drake, Quavo – Bigger than you,
Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, Bones, Eddie Baker – Chaos castle

4.Top 5 riders ever?
Kert: Lewis Mills, Johnny Raekes, Matt Ray, Nathan Williams, Jacob Cable.

5.Where do you see yourself in five years?
Kert: I don’t even know, i would like to ride in Simple Session for sure.

Kert Salve before his final run in Kopli Session 2020

Thank you Kert for this quick interview. Now you kinda know who Kert is, but if you want to know more about him and see him ride, go follow his instagram by clicking here! You won’t regret this!

Now look at some pictures from Kopli Session 2020!

Article written by Marko Tomik.
Photos taken and edited by Marko Tomik.
If you need some pictures in color you can write me to instagram.

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