Last saturday, on 29.08.2020 took place Stoned Street BMX jam in Tallinn. It was called Tallinn Gathering 2020. Over 60 BMX riders came together all over Estonia to kill some spots in our capital city. Event sponsors were Stoned Street, Simple Session, Kunstform BMX shop, Skullcandy and Etnies. Event filmer was Chris Patrick Tilk and video of the jam will be available on our site soon! Best rider of the jam got the chance to compete at Simple Session 2021.

Meeting time for the jam was 1PM at Koidu Skatepark. Riders slowly gathered and started to warm up by doing some jibbers in the concrete plaza. After approximately one hour we started to move to our first spot which was Sony Center building. It was near the Koidu Skatepark so we didn’t need to ride far. At there we saw some bangers from Martti Lainevool, Kert Salve and many others. Next spot was near the Kosmos Cinema where the riders could show us their technical skills on a ledge. After that we went to the ledge at Hariduse street. At there guys showed their rail riding skills. Next quick stop was a little bit forward where Andres Lainevool and Tauno Krüüts did a quick wallride shenanigan. When the wall was ridden we moved to the ledge in front of Marie Under sculpture in Tõnismägi. Guys chilled quite some time there and showed their ledge combos. Simon Lopp even fell into the small fountain and later rode without the shoes. That’s determination! When we were done at the fountain spot we went in front of The Noblessner Foundry, where we assembled our flat rail and riders played Game Of Bike with teams. One team had 3 riders and winners got shoes from Etnies. The game was full of bangers and the winners were Tauno Krüüts, Robin Poksi and Martti Lainevool. The best rider of the jam, who killed it in every spot was Rene Perzinski, who got the pass to ride in Simple Session 2021.

Congratulations to all the winners and huge shoutout to everybody who came and rode with us the whole day. Thank you Chris Patrick Tilk for filming the whole event and also huge thank you to our sponsors! Be sure to check back on our site to see the video of the jam.

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To see and download all the photos that were taken at the jam check our dropbox by clicking here.

Article written by Marko Tomik.
Photos taken by Marko Tomik.

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