Gallery: Fopaa! – Estonian stand-up comedy show

On the last day of July we went to the Odeon bar in Tallinn, which is located in the industrial area called Kopli. In this bar took place the legendary open-mic show where 8 stand-up comics showed their ability to make us laugh. This show is called Fopaa! These 8 comics were Kristjan Oden, Kaarel Nõmmik, Mattias Naan, Gunnar Hunt, Märt Niidassoo, Semjon Alonov, Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa and Andrus Purde with one surprise performer Tigran Gevorkjan. Ticket to this show was 5 euros and it was totally worth it! Comics were funny and people laughed.


Fopaa! is an Estonian stand-up comedy show which saw it’s daylight on the 28.november of 2013 in the Kohvik Sinilind. On that day Mikk Sügis, Mikael Meema, Mattias Naan, Karl-Joonatan Mets, Karl-Alari Varma, Kaarel Nõmmik joked about life, death, success, failures, relationships, grandparents, animals, sex, fears, television, weather, partying and so on. The house was so full that some people even had to stay behind the door and listen from there. They even have had shows in Brussels, Luxembourg and Dublin. Almost every show they did has been sold out. Fopaa! was a success from day one.

Next a little bit more private Fopaa! is happening on 6.august at Heldeke. There is available only 30 tickets and ticket price is 10 euros. Next Fopaa! at Odeon bar, which is also last one this summer, is happening in 13.august. In there you can laugh at Taniel Kasemägi, Mattias Naan, Semjon Alonov, Petra Tänav, Kristjan Oden, Märt Niidassoo, Aleksander-Eeri Laupmaa and Gunnar Hunt. Show starts at 8PM and ticket fee is 5 euros. If you are in Tallinn at that time i recommend to go and have a nice entertaining evening at Odeon bar.

Article written by Marko Tomik.
Photos taken by Marko Tomik.

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