Who are we and Why are we doing it?

Our main objective with STONED STREET is to motivate riders and grow the community by helping people relate to BMX and the culture in general.

Street jams bring riders together to have fun and do what they love. These kind of events motivates BMX riders to ride more and push their limits which in turn attracts bigger audience and allows them to get involved with the sport.

BMX has many different disciplines e.g. flat, dirt, park and street. We chose to focus on street riding because of it’s popularity and ease of organizing events. Street riding is all about how creative you can get on a bike and can really showcase what you can do with a BMX bike.

We need more places to ride during the winter/summer and one way to achieve that is to host these sorts of competitions that show people and the government that BMX is a real sport.

Yours truly, STONED STREET!