10 questions with Martti Lainevool

Hey, Martti! How’s it going? You came out with a new video part called “Personal Growth”.
Let’s talk about it and a little bit of your future plans.

Q: We all know this covid shit’s going on and 2020 is gonna end soon, so how has 2020 been treating you?

A: First of all, thanks for having me. 2020 hands down has been one of the best years in my life. Riding wise, mental health wise & in general such a positive year. Obviously the whole COVID thing has been annoying but I’ve been trying to focus on the things I really love and not get too caught up in this bullshit going on right now.

Q: As you named the video “Personal Growth”, what is your biggest personal growth and why you named the video like that?

A: During the whole filming process I learned so much about myself, learned to trust myself more in situations where I didn’t feel comfortable, had so many eye-opening experiences and made me realize that once I really put my mind into it, I can overcome my fears and achieve anything.

Q: When did you start filming and where did you get motivation for this video?

A: Most of the video was actually filmed this year, as COVID made the streets empty and quiet. There’s like 3-4 clips in it from last year, but majority of it was being filmed over the past 6 months. To be honest, I just wanted to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, get productive and get as much cool shit as possible on the camera. Eventually myself and Andreas Taru, who was the main filmer, ended up both publishing our video parts through DIGBMX for the world to see. Worked out well in the end I’d say!

Q: Who has been the biggest inspiration for your riding?

A: Well, obviously my big brother Andres Lainevool has been a huge influence for me since I grew up idolizing him and I still do to this day. Other than that, my homies, my beautiful girlfriend Laureen & the whole BMX scene gets me hyped and motivated to ride. Nothing beats a good session with your boys, having a blast. Seeing video parts and cool projects by all the PRO’s is always a fun time and makes me wanna ride my bike so bad also haha.

Q: There is so many bangers.
What clip was mentally hardest to film for you ? Now or never situations?

A: Haha, thank you. I tried my hardest. Hmmm, there was plenty. For an example, ender has been in my mind since I started filming “INDIGO” part but never got the courage to send it. Having a good company and vibe while filming is so important. Also had many-many mental breakdowns throughout filming but thankfully the homies always cheered me the fuck up. There was a couple of things I wanted to get done for this but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get them. Will get them done for the next one for sure.

Q: Which clip is your favorite and why?

A:  Feeble/ 60/40 hard 180 down the ledge-rail setup in the beginning of HD part was something I was really hyped on, had this spot on my mind for a long time as well and glad I got it done. Also the bars to wallride off the loading dock was a pleasing one.

Q: During the video you can hear psssss…
How many tires did you blow up? Or did you break any bikeparts?

A: Nice one. Most of the time filming I got 1-2 flats a day which was not nice at all haha. Also went through three front rims because they couldn’t hold up with all the drops I did. Thankful as fuck to the homies giving spare parts and get back to rolling again.
Wouldn’t be possible without you guys. 


Q: What is next big project where you gonna put yourself in?

A: For now, I’m not sure. I’m genuinely happy that I finished this one and got the documentary done as well this year. Ofcourse I would like to hop on and start banging them tricks straight away but the weather sucks here right now and travelling situation is a grey-area as well. Hopefully soon all will be fine. Next piece is gonna be full HD though, done with the VX bullshit haha.

Q: Any plans in your personal life?

A: I’m seeking constant improvement as a person. Trying to be the best me. Working on bettering myself each and every day. Been thinking of moving to Barcelona within the next 2 years, so that’s a huge plan and goal for me and my girl. Let’s hope for the best.

Q: Want to thank someone or say some kind words?!

A: Yes yes yes, first things first shoutout to the main plug STONED STREET for catching up with me, always supporting and showing love, I appreciate it. I wanna thank Andreas Taru and other homies who took their time to capture some moments for me, wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Also, ParBMX for quick shipments when my bike broke down, VANS for keeping your mans drippin’ & Elinart Tattoo for putting art on my skin. Thank you and I hope the viewers enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed riding my bike while filming for it! NAMASTEEe ☮️

Thanks for your time, bro!

Now when you have finished reading this interview, go check out his new banger video down below!

Martti Lainevool “Personal Growth” DIGBMX

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